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Preventive Health Checks

Occupational Health Clinic of Centro poliklinika (hereinafter-OHC) Vytenio st. 59, LT-03209, Vilnius

OHC preventive health checks are performed following set regulations written in the legal act No. 301 of the health minister of the Republic of Lithuania on “Preventive Health Checks at Health Care Institutions”, 2000.

The goal of OHC is to save and strengthen occupational health of citizens; therefore, a great attention is paid to the quality of the preventive services performed.

OHC reception (Room 207) is open: I–V 7.00–18.00


For all kinds of preventive health checks, patients registered till 14.00, may be accepted on the same day. Later registered may be suggested to arrive the next work day.

Persons willing to get:

  • health certificate for a gun
  • medical notification for a driving license

are additionally registered on Thursdays 15.00–18.00

Services are provided for:

  • patients of Centro poliklinika and other institutions and covered with the compulsory health insurance
  • patients not covered with the compulsory health insurance
  • foreigners
  • institutions and organizations willing to check their employees' health.

Information at the Call Centre +370 5 244 2244

Preventive health checks performed for:

  1. employed and future employed. More information
  2. drivers. More information
  3. getting a license to possess a gun. More information
  4. health checks to get or renew the license (medical), to become a lawyer, notary and others. More information


INVOICES ARE WRITTEN ON THE SAME DAY. Please have your company's information.

Head of an Occupation Health Clinic Aldona Jankavičienė
Tel. +370 5 266 3142
E-mail: aldona.jankaviciene@pylimas.lt