Music Therapy

Individual music therapy is a paid service for children and adults provided at the Psychiatric Inpatient Day Centre at Centro Clinic (Vytenio St. 59, Vilnius). The therapy sessions conducted by Diana Geče, Master of Music Therapy (University of Augsburg). You can make inquiries and register by phone (8 5) 2139373 or (8 5) 2442244.

Music therapy as a branch of science was formed in the middle of the 20th century, although the healing effects of music were already mentioned in ancient civilizations.

Music therapy is a type of psychotherapy, a health care activity performed by a qualified music therapist, who helps people to improve, maintain, restore and strengthen their health. It is achieved through music, various means of musical expression and therapeutic relationships. The focus lies on the client's therapeutic needs, experiencing the effects of music and musical self-expression.

Music therapy is also called "nonverbal" psychotherapy. It is beneficial for premature babies; children with developmental disabilities (who are unable to communicate verbally); stroke patients with impaired speech function; patients suffering from various mental disorders or illnesses who find it difficult to combine thoughts into a single sentence. In such complex situations, where the word loses its power, music comes to the rescue as an expression of feelings.

Nowadays more and more people seek self-knowledge, self-expression, personal growth and, therefore, become interested in music therapy.

During therapy, music becomes a "medium" that helps the client to connect with himself/herself and the environment around him/her. The client can experience the process of self-perception, self-expression, self-realization. In this way, it promotes awareness of life processes and taking responsibility for one's own existence. Clients' spiritual, mental and physical difficulties are associated with musical / creative means of expression, which increase awareness and lead to recovery.

Individual Music Therapy for Children

"Childhood games"

When playing the child is able to absorb all the information needed for his/her natural development.

Each child has their own individual pace of life, peculiarities of communication, possibilities of perception and a huge amplitude of emotional expressions. Only as we grow and mature do we have to adapt to the general rhythm of society ...

We invite children who are struggling to overcome many “external” requirements to a musical-therapeutic-playing area.

Music therapy:

- Helps to Communicate / Play / Get to know feelings / Express emotions / Calm down / Adapt to the environment / Reduce tension / Relax / Experience new emotions

- Is beneficial for those children who need more time, attention and effort to do their normal daily chores.

- Many difficulties can be overcome by playing / improvising in music therapy sessions.

- Listening to music / playing / singing / playing - allows me to be who I am or to become who I want to be.

Individual Music Therapy for Adults

Music therapy gives an opportunity to solve problems in a different way .....

Individual sessions are beneficial for people with:

• Psychosomatic disorders

• Mental disorders

• Exhaustion

• Various physical ailments, chronic pain

• Various life difficulties

Music therapy sessions involve practicing breathing, voice improvisations, body relaxation and activation, sound exploration, music making (improvisation, listening).

The main focus is on personal development, strengthening self-esteem, improving emotional and physical condition, discovering resources, promoting creativity, relieving pain, managing fears and traumatic experiences, developing communication skills, relaxation.

Music therapy for women

Listening to music gives an opportunity to fill emptiness of your soul.

Musical improvisation gives an opportunity to express yourself / emotions / feelings ...

Experiencing music together means participating in the flow of life. It is an opportunity that allows you to be and become a Creator. Share your experiences and embrace new ones.

Sometimes we have so many feelings, emotions and experiences that it becomes difficult to name them, understand or express them.

Music, listening to it or improvising evokes memories, images, awakens dreams ...

During music therapy sessions, we will listen to music, use breathing techniques, vocal improvisations, musical-thematic improvisations, deep relaxation techniques and theatrical expressions.

If you think it is time for changes and you need a support, come to us to experience the music therapy.