Primary Dental Care

Primary dental care is a complex of non-specialized qualified dental care services provided according to medical standard requirements in odontolgy.

Dental clinic provides primary dental care services to children and adults at all primary health care centers.

Secondary orthodontic care services are provided at the Diagnostics Centre (Pylimo st. 3, Vilnius), Room 313. More information by telephone +370 5 251 4058. Doctor‘s referral is obligatory.

Secondary oral surgery care is provided at Naujamiesčio branch (K. Kalinausko st. 4), Room 404. Information  by telephone +370 5 244 2244. Doctor’s referral is obligatory.

Oral surgery is a specialized dental field where different surgical procedures are performed in a mouth. Oral surgery covers not only dental, but also tongue, oral mucosa, salivary glands, jaws, sinus pathology or tumor diagnostic or surgical treatment.

Mission is to provide safe and quality dental services, based on the most advanced technologies. There are modern, approved treatment, filling, disinfection and sterilization materials used at the dental clinic.

Residents (except for children and adults, studying at full-time secondary schools, full-time vocational schools, but not older than 24, and socially supported persons, when they provide the certain certificate from their residency governmental social support department), registered at the Public Institution Centro poliklinika, pay only for filling materials according to their quantity and current valid pricing.

A new digital panoramic X-ray is for persons who need to do a panoramic dental image because of bone deformity, chronic dental diseases or other pathologies.

Panoramic dental X-ray imaging (orthopantomograph) is an important diagnostic tool in odontology. It is a picture that shows general images of upper and lower jaws and sinuses. It is important for a common dental and jaw evaluation, treatment planning and assessing.

Information and registration by telephone +370 5 244 2244

Dental Prosthetic solutions are provided to:

Persons with the compulsory health insurance:

  • Retired persons;
  • Disabled or partially employable;
  • Children under 18.

Dental prosthetic services are compensated from the compulsory health insurance only for persons:

  • who have less than 10 functionally wholesome natural or quality artificial antagonistic pairs of teeth from the first molar tooth to the first molar tooth of the other side;
  • who are diagnosed with higher than pathologic dental attrition of the II degree (more than 1/3 of tooth crown height);
  • Whose toothless lower jaw is smaller than 12 millimeters in the area of 4, 5, 6 teeth.

The order of receiving documents for dental prosthetics:

Place. Dental Clinic, K. Kalinausko st., Room 406, telephone +370 5 266 5769

Schedule. Documents are welcome every day, except for the second Wednesday of every month.

Time 8.00-12.00. More information by telephone +370 5 266 5769

11/09/2009 Legal act No V-743 and Annex 1-8 by the Minister of Health Care of the Republic of Lithuania