Medical Rehabilitation and Sanatorium Treatment

The treatment of critically ill patients is related to medical rehabilitation. It is an important stage of treatment allowing patients to recover faster, get back to labour market, integrate into society, recreate biosocial skills and avoid disability of the second stage. According to WHO regulations, the priority is for critically ill patients or for those that have experienced some severe injuries. Medical rehabilitation for adults covered with the compulsory health insurance is assigned by an attending doctor, who follows the recommendations of physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, for children- physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. The doctor’s duty is to inform patients about services necessary for them.

If you have headaches, back and limb pain, you are willing to recover after a difficult working day, to correct posture, to strengthen the immune system for an autumn/winter season, please choose self-pay massage therapy procedures.

Massage therapy is performed on patients with various diseases, especially recommended for people doing sedentary work, in case of stagnation in muscles, having spine, joint, artery, respiratory, digestion, central and peripheral nervous system, urological, gynecological diseases, after surgeries and injuries. Massage therapy improves blood circulation and metabolism, relaxes spasms, relieves pain, muscle weakness, restores joint mobility, improves mood, and relieves stress.

For clinic’s adult patients, we offer a self-pay service- head, face, neck, spine, back, segmental waist sacral area, lower limb and waist area, hip, knee, ankle, foot and calf, general body and light massage.

Massage therapy procedures are assigned by a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor: after evaluating the patients’ condition and possible contraindications, the doctors will offer what massage therapy procedures shall be applied for patients, will recommend the number of massages, appoint a massage therapist at the convenient time.

The consultation of a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor is free of charge with a family doctor or medical specialist’s referral.