Ambulatory Nursing, Palliative Medicine and Social Care Services

Nursing, Palliative Medicine and Social Care Clinic (Gerosios Vilties st. 1A)

Specialists of Nursing, Palliative Medicine and Social Care Clinic provide free medical and social homecare services for disabled patients of the Public Institution Centro poliklinika who are unable to come to the latter due to health problems.

Nursing care services cover treatment, nursing and other minimal health maintenance services provided to people of any age, with chronic diseases, disabled and other patients when the diagnosis is clear and an active treatment and medical rehabilitation is no longer in need. These services are provided to maintain an individual physical activity and functional capability of an organism. Nursing services may be provided by a medical specialist, internist, family doctor, neurologist, pediatrician (when serving children if no family or medical doctor available), nurse, nursing assistant, social worker, masseur, physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant. If necessary, patients may be consulted by medical specialists where nursed.

Palliative care is for patients with incurable and progressive diseases. Palliative care services may be provided at a hospital and as an ambulatory care. An attending physician, respecting the patients‘ health and their (or their relatives‘) request, choose the form of palliative care service provision and, regarding the necessary care, the latter is provided by a doctor, nurse, social worker, psychologist and others.

Homecare services are provided at patients’ home aiming to ensure the accessibility and continuity of nursing services and meeting the patients’ homecare needs, promoting self-care and improving their quality of life. Homecare services for patients are provided by community, GP or by mental health care nurses and appointed for patients with approved special need for a constant care.

Free homecare services:

1. With the attending physician’s written appointment (contact your attending physician (internist or family doctor)): 

  • Intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous injections and drip infusions; 
  • Diagnostic procedures: blood, urine, stool sampling, sputum sampling for lab tests, electrocardiogram (ECG) records;
  • Bedsore care;
  • Urinary catheterization and care;
  • Suppository insertion into rectum;
  • Enteral feeding;
  • Probe insertion (mucus suction);
  • Therapeutic bath; ice pack, warmer, lotion, compress application; ointment use;
  • Removal of stitches.

2. Nursing and nursing assistant services (contact your attending physician (internist or family doctor)) or call +370 5 266 5274/ +370 5 266 5782):

  • Health check;
  • Wound care;
  • Stoma care;
  • Drain management;
  • Stimulation on micturition reflex;
  • Arterial blood pressure measurement;
  • Heart rate measurement;
  • Body temperature measurement;
  • Bedsore prevention;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Training on patient nursing, care, healthy living, prevention of diseases and complications.

To get these services, please contact your attending physician (internist or family doctor). For more information, please call +370 5 266 5274, +370 5 266 5782.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Head Marius Čiurlionis
+370 5 264 9313, +370 614 11 216. E-mail: 

Senior nurse Simona Ralė
+370 5 266 5274, +370 610 18 962. E-mail: