We invite you to visit a Salt Room at Centro Clinic (Pylimo Str. 3, room 127)

Halotherapy is a non-pharmacological method of treatment and prevention. Dry salt aerosol particles of table salt (sodium chloride) that are released into the room create a microclimate similar to salt mines and has a positive effect on the body. As the salt particles are extremely small, they easily settle on the surface of the skin, even reaching the lower respiratory tract. Breathing in such air makes the airway mucosa more resistant to environmental stimuli, reduces inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, relieves cough, improves nasal breathing as well as skin condition. The principle of this treatment method is "Breathe and recover".

Halotherapy is used to treat various chronic respiratory, skin and allergic diseases as well as strengthen the body's immune system and improve emotional state.

Halotherapy is not recommended for patients who have an acute condition, fever, bleeding, uncontrolled high blood pressure or unstable cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, malignancies, exacerbation of mental illness.
Duration of the halotherapy session for children - 30 min, for adults - 40 min.
A course of 8-15 sessions is recommended for optimal results.
A physical medicine and rehabilitation physician can evaluate the patient’s condition and prescribe 5 halotherapy sessions for adults and 7 halotherapy sessions for children, the costs of which will be covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.
A referral of a GP or medical specialist (allergist, pulmonologist, otorhinolaryngologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, etc.) is required for the consultation of a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician.

For paid halotherapy treatment, please contact:
• Salt Room, Pylimo str. 3, Vilnius, Room 127, tel. (8 5) 210 5875;
• Call center tel. (8 5) 244 2244;
• Reception, Pylimo str. 3, Vilnius
• e-mail drusku.kambarys@pylimas.lt.

The price of the paid halotherapy session is 5.67 Eur.