Dry hydromassage

The procedure is beneficial for patients who suffer from back, joint, muscle and whole body pain, tension and fatigue.

DRY HYDROMASSAGE is a non-contact massage that uses streams of pressurized water (4 currents at a time). The water pressure, the level of massage intensity, the area of massage as well as the duration of the treatment can be customized to your needs. Soothing and peaceful music will help you relax and unwind.

Therapeutic benefits of Dry HydroMassage:
 • relieves aches and pains,
 • decreases and normalizes muscle tone,
 • improves blood circulation,
 • improves metabolism,
 • has a positive effect on the peripheral, especially vegetative, nervous system,
 • improves the functioning of internal organs,
 • helps improve your emotional state, sleep.

The treatment cannot be performed on patients:
 • with an acute infectious or purulent disease,
 • with fever,
 • in case of bleeding, open wounds,
 • with severe osteoporosis, limb instability (after trauma),
 • with a risk of thrombosis, varicose veins,
 • epilepsy (aggressive, poorly controlled),
 • mental illness,
 • during pregnancy.

The massage is not recommended for patients with cardiac stimulators (pacemakers) or malignancies.
According to the technical specification provided by the equipment manufacturer, the procedure cannot be performed on patients weighing more than 120 kg and taller than 190 cm.

- A course of 7-10 treatments is recommended for optimal therapeutic results.
- The treatment may be prescribed by a physician (not necessarily by a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician).
- The patient can also buy the Dry HydroMassage without a doctor's referral. Please contact the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Room. No. 316 and a physical medicine and rehabilitation nurse will evaluate your condition and schedule the treatments.
- The massage costs 6 EUR per procedure.

For more information, please call +370 5 251 40 20 or contact Reception.