Dental Hygiene

Professional dental hygiene is hygiene procedures during which mineralized and non-mineralized dental plaque is removed, dental fillings and surfaces are polished, the effectiveness of personal teeth brushing is indicated, and patients are taught personal dental hygiene. The professional dental hygiene services are provided by a dental hygienist at Diagnostics Centre, Pylimo st. 3, Room 313.

 The dental hygienist performs professional dental hygiene, teaches how to brush one's teeth correctly, individual dental hygiene skills to children and adults, and helps to choose dental hygiene tools.

 The professional dental hygiene plan is individual to each patient, therefore, after the primary check-up, the dental hygienist can inform how many dental hygiene procedures will be necessary, how long they will take and how many times patients will have to visit the clinic.

The dental hygiene procedure is performed with:
• ultrasonic scaler (if patients have no heart stimulator);
• manual tools;
• Air-Flow system (if gums are not influmed and solid dental tissues are not damaged).

It is recommended to perform preventive dental hygiene when having permanent teeth, in order to avoid dental and mouth diseases and before visiting the dentist.


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