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  • Psychologists provide remote out-of-hours consultation services

    2022 11 28

    Psychologists offer remote out-of-hours consultation services.  Times and dates can be found by clicking "read more"

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  • Schedule an appointment and pre-register for Clinical Laboratory testing

    2020 05 26

    Dear Patients,

    Please register in the information system of the Clinic before coming to the Clinical Laboratory.
    Patients for laboratory testing (urgent or scheduled) shall be registered by a physician, a nurse or by a midwife during distance or scheduled consultation, and will be appointed a specific time (and address) of arrival at the Laboratory.
    Please do not be late and come to the Clinic no earlier than 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your visit (if necessary, only one accompanying person is allowed per patient). You must wear a protective face mask at the Clinic. Keep a safe distance of 2 meters from each other while waiting to enter the Clinic or inside the Clinic.

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    2020 04 16

    jeigu persalotEN5

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  • Registration to PI Centro Poliklinika during quarantine period

    2020 03 26

    Please be informed that if a person was not registered to a personal healthcare institution and a family doctor before the quarantine in the country, during the quarantine one can register to PI Centro Poliklinika in the following ways:

    1. A person can register with PI Centro Poliklinika online, having previously confirmed his / her identity via e-government gateway.
    2. A person can submit a completed and signed off with e-signature “Application for Treatment in the Selected Primary Healthcare Institution” by email
    3. Registration with PI Centro Poliklinika at the Reception desk is not allowed during the quarantine.
    4. Requests to change a family doctor/ internal medicine physician/ pediatrician during the quarantine will not be accepted.

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  • Information for Pregnant Women

    2020 03 23

    During the quarantine, blood and urine tests for pregnant women are performed every working day from 7 a.m. to 11 am. in the Clinical Laboratory, Diagnostics Center, Pylimo str. 3.
    In accordance with the quarantine procedure, only pregnant women will be allowed to visit the Clinical Laboratory.
    Visits to gynecologists are moved to morning hours from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. Tests should be done the same day before your visit to the gynecologist.

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