Registration with Physicians

Register by phone (+370 5) 244 2244

You can register and receive information on weekdays from 6.45 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. by the single telephone number (+370 5) 244 2244 (Call Center).

For patient identification, you will have to provide the last four digits of your personal code.


Online Registration 

We guarantee your personal data security.


PASSWORD is required to access the registration system.
Click on the link during the first connection to receive a password. Make sure you enter your personal data correctly. The password will be sent to you by e-mail.
For children
(minors), a parent e-mail address may be used.
We recommend that elderly persons contact their Internet service provider to create an e-mail address.
If you have failed to connect (i.e. to indicate what branch you are registered to), it is likely that the "auto-completion" is on.

Online registration with a GP (internal medicine physician, pediatrician) and other primary-level medical specialists (obstetrician - gynecologist, surgeons, dentists) is allowed only for the patients who have signed up with PI Centro Poliklinika.
For online registration click the reference link.
When registering, give priority to the physicians working in the primary healthcare facility, where you are signed up for.
Once registered online, you don’t need to contact the Reception. Your medical records will be at the physician’s office.
If you fail to register online, CALL AND REGISTER BY PHONE. (+370 5) 244 2244. You will be registered with a physician for an extra appointment or for emergency medical treatment.
For patients with chronic diseases or for preventive health check-ups, we recommend registering online in advance or calling the Call Center/contacting the Reception outside peak hours and days.
Please note that the Clinic Call Center technically is able to receive a limited number of calls at the same time and to serve a limited number of calls.
The number of calls varies significantly on weekdays. The peak day of week is Monday. The peak hours during weekdays are: 6.45−7.45, 10.00−10.45, 16.00−18.00.


Appointment Cancellation

Please note that the patient, in accordance with Article 12(3) of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Rights of Patients and Compensation of the Damage to their Health, who has registered for a planned personal health care service, but is unable to come on a set time, must  notify the personal health care institution not later than 24 hours before the scheduled service.
(Consolidated version of the Law of 01 July 2018.)

You can cancel your appointment:

  • Online - if you are signed up with Centro Poliklinika (sign in to access the registration system using your (or registered person's, child's) surname and password to cancel your appointment)
  • By calling the Call Center (+370 5) 244 2244.
  • By writing a short SMS +370 690 66 222 - if you have received a reminder of appointment with a physician and you cannot come to the scheduled appointment.

If the registration system does not recognize your name...

  • First make sure that you write the name correctly. This mainly applies to those whose names contain Lithuanian letters. Frequently occurring error is that only Latin characters are used. In this case you will not be identified by the system.
  • Standard password consists of 8 characters, small letters and numbers. Be attentive when using the password from the email application, as more symbols/characters than your password consist of can be copied.
  • It is likely that "Auto-completion" is turned on on your computer. Enter your last name first. If you move the mouse to the password field, the password will probably be typed in automatically. In this case, delete the password and type a new one. Then you may be asked whether you want to change the password.

If you want you can turn off the "auto-completion” in the following way:

If you use the Internet Explorer, click Tools->Internet Options. Select tab->Content. In the third part under the name AutoComplete, click Settings. Uncheck „User names and passwords on forms“. Click OK to close the browser. When the browser is restarted, the "auto-completion" should no longer work. 

If you let our specialists remotely connect to your computer, you will need to use the TeamViewer program read here