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Out-of-Hours Psychological Service in Case of Crisis or Emergency

As of 2017 medical psychologists provide psychological aid for individuals in crisis or emergency situations (for individuals with suicidal thoughts, those who know a person with suicidal thoughts and do not know how to behave in this situation, those who tried (intend) to commit suicide or cannot cope with the loss of a loved one, etc.) on weekends and holidays.

Our institution seeks to provide psychological assistance, the opportunity to solve urgent problems here and now, without delay, therefore the services of a medical psychologist are provided at the Mental Health Clinic and Out-of –Hours GP Office. We hope that this psychological help will pay off and become permanent and available to all residents.

The Out-of-Hours GP Office (hereinafter referred to as OOH GP) provides emergency primary outpatient psychological assistance to persons dealing with crisis situations.

 Loved ones, family members or friends are also very vulnerable people and that is often overlooked, but they also need psychological help in a crisis situation. Therefore, upon a patient’s request, the psychological aid can be provided anonymously, i. e. people who come to a health care provider to consult a psychologist may not identify themselves. Psychological consultations are also provided for children and adolescents.

The Office is open:

  • weekday evenings and nights from 8 p.m. until 7 am, and on weekends, public holidays - around the clock, when people feel lonely, looking for emotional support – Out-of-Hours GP Office (Pylimo Str. 3, room 131, tel. (8 5) 252 7218). More information here;

Video "How to get free emotional help?" ("Kaip gauti nemokamą emocinę pagalbą?") (link to Youtube)

The Mental Health Clinic of Centro Poliklinika (hereinafter - MHC) provides the services of a medical psychologist to patients who have signed up for the MHC at Centro Poliklinika.

Patients who have not signed up to the MHC at Centro Poliklinika can receive urgent primary outpatient psychological assistance in a crisis situation (for individuals with suicidal thoughts, those who tried (intend) to commit suicide or cannot cope with the loss of a loved one).

Opening hours:

  • weekdays from 7 am to 8 pm. - Mental Health Clinic (Vytenio Str. 59, 3rd floor, tel. (8 5) 265 8564 or (8 5) 244 2244. More information here.

Below you can find the information where you can find psychological support by telephone and the Internet. The emotional support is provided by specially trained volunteers, whereas psychological help by mental health specialists free of charge. Calls are paid for by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania.

"Youth line"
Support by volunteers http://www.jaunimolinija.lt
00.00–24.00 (I–VII) 8 800  28 888

"Child line"
Support by volunteers www.vaikulinija.lt
11.00–21.00 (I–VII) 116 111, Algirdo st. 31, Vilnius

"Hope line"
Support for adults provided by volunteers and mental health care specialists http://paklausk.kpsc.lt/contact.phpvilties.linija@gmail.com
00.00–24.00 (I–VII) 116 123

"Women’s helpline – emotional support"
Support is provided by volunteers and mental health care specialists www.moters-pagalba.lt; pagalba@moteriai.lt 
00.00–24.00 (I–VII) 8 800 66 366

"Helpline Doverija"
Volunteers support youth in Russian language
16.00–20.00 (II–VII) 8 800  77 277

"Parents’ line"
Telephone counseling on positive parenting for parents, adoptive parents, etc  
17.00–21.00 (I–V) 8 800 90012