Internal Rules Of Procedure of Centro Poliklinika


Internal Rules of Procedure for Provision of Remote Healthcare Services


Below you will find the Rules of Internal Procedure of the Clinic. The Order No V-110 of 30 August 2018 of the Director of PI Centro Poliklinika, ‘On the Amendment of the Internal Rules of Procedure of PI Centro Poliklinika supplemented by the Procedure for Provision of Remote Primary Outpatient Healthcare Services:

  • Remote Primary Outpatient Healthcare Service or Remote Healthcare (hereinafter referred to as “RHC”) is a service provided by the general practitioner’s team (consisting of the GP, internal medicine physician, pediatrician, nurse) through remote means of information and communication technologies that allow to identify a patient without visiting a medical institution.
  • The purpose of this service is to administer the patient repeat testing, repeat prescriptions of medication or medical aids (MA), explain the results of patient's or his representative’s tests and adjust treatment, use of medicinal products or MA.
  • The patient (or his/her representative by law or by order (hereinafter referred to as the Representative) who wishes to receive an RHC service has to contact the Call Centre or any Reception of the Clinic.
  •  An employee of the Clinic Call Centre or Reception shall identify the patient (or his / her representative) who must provide the patient's name and the last 4 digits of the personal identification number and shall register the patient in the Clinic Information System (IS) with a nurse or GP (internal medicine physician, pediatrician - hereinafter referred to as GP Team) to whom the patient is signed up in accordance with the legislation for the nearest available time slot for RHC service. A Clinic’s employee shall also ask the patient's (or his / her representative's) contact telephone number and indicate the time when member of the GP Team shall inform about the time for RHC service.
  • A GP Team member shall call the patient (or his/her representative) at the phone number indicated previously and identify the patient (or his/her representative) by asking to provide the patient’s name and the last 4 digits of the personal identification number.
  • A GP Team member can also register the patient for a planned RHC service during the patient’s last visit to the Clinic. In this case, the patient shall have to complete and sign a patient's consent for RHC service before the first RHC service is provided.
  • Upon identification of the patient, a GP Team member shall determine the subjective medical condition of the patient (based on the data provided by the patient or his/her representative) and shall decide on the further provision of RHC service.

In case a RHC service cannot be provided, the patient is registered for an appointment with a GP Team member in a regular manner. The RHC service may not be provided if:

  • the accuracy of the health data provided by the patient or his representative cannot be ascertained,
  • the requested service is not a RHC service because it is a new treatment case,
  • A GP Team member cannot assess the patient's medical condition without examination,
  • The patient is asking to prescribe medication or MPA that the patient has not previously taken, and other cases.
  • The patient (or his/her representative) shall be responsible for the correctness of the patient’s identification data provided by information and communication technologies as well as the patient’s health condition.
  • RHC services shall be provided in accordance with the rules of procedure for the provision of primary outpatient healthcare of the clinic as well as national legislation.