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Emergency Assistance

The scope and category of emergency assistance is indicated by a consulting doctor who follows Legal act No. V-208 regulated by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, 8 April 2004.

Emergency assistance is free of charge to:

  • all permanent residents of the country whatever their insurance is;
  • temporary residents in the Republic of Lithuania and legally working foreigners;
  • EU/EEB nationals, temporary visiting our country and providing the documents confirming their insurance: valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or one of E form notes (E 11, E 106, E 121) or any other valid health insurance agreement;
  • Non-EU/EEB nationals from abroad, temporary visiting our country and providing the valid health insurance agreement.

After the doctor’s check-up, if patients’ condition does not meet the emergency assistance criteria and they do not have a referral, health care services are then charged.


For adults it is provided at the Republican Vilnius University Hospital (previously- Emergency Hospital), Šiltnamių st. 29, tel.: +370 5 216 9140.

For children under 18 it is provided at Children‘s Surgery Centre at the Children‘s Hospital (Santariškių st. 7). Call for inquiries +370 5 272 0566, reception +370 5 272 0570.


Emergency dental services (for an acute dental pain) are provided at Žalgirio klinika, Žalgirio st. 117. Phone number for inquiries: +370 5 272 1781.