Clinic hours

Working hours of the Public Institution Centro poliklinika

I–V 7.00–20.00

On Saturdays, pediatricians accept patients from 12.00 to 20.00. (address: Pylimo St. 3, Room 206).

An odontologist works on Saturdays (address: Pylimo St. 3, Room 313):
- from 8.00 to 16.00 accepts patients with acute pain; lunch break from 12.00 to 12.30;
- provides dental sealant procedure services (requires prior registration).

Out-of-Hours services-at night, weekends and public holidays - are available at the office of the doctor on duty 24/7 (in the rage of family doctor’s medicals services). More information


Emergency and Urgent Care Services more information 

Administration working hours

From September 1st  to May 31
I–IV  8.00–16.45
(Lunch: 12.00–12.30)

From June 1st  to August 30
I–IV  7.30–16.15
V      8.00–15.00
(Lunch: 11.30–12.00)

Office working hours

I–IV 8.00–16.45
V 8.00–15.30
(Coffee break 12.00–12.30)

Call centre working hours

Weekdays 6.45−20.00.

The Call Centre can technically receive a limited number of calls and serve a limited number of callers at the same time. Mondays are the busiest. On weekdays, peak hours are 6.45−7.45, 10.00−10.45 and 16.00–18.00.

Branches offices working hours

I–V 7.00–20.00