VšĮ Centro Poliklinika

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Contact your family doctor: 

  • If you are a patient of any age in need of personal health care and if your health condition may significantly impair without the provision of health care services;
  • If you need vaccination (for children and adults);
  • After discharge from hospital after COVID-19 treatment in accordance with epicrisis recommendations.

Call 1808: 

  • If you have fever, cough or shortness of breath after traveling abroad in the last 14 days or having been in close contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case,
  • If you continue treatment at home after hospital treatment (a referral to a family doctor is needed).

    Patients aged 18-60 years, with a referral from a family doctor, can be referred to a Fever Clinic.

Call 112 * if:

The patient needs an urgent medical assistance, has a life-threatening condition or serious complications can occur if medical care is not provided in a timely manner.

* 112 - Single Emergency Call Number to report cases of sudden real threat to life, health, safety, environment or property and when emergency services (police, fire and rescue services, ambulance, environmental protection services) have instantly arrive to emergency location to provide immediate assistance.