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Polyclinic Traditions

We are a large and friendly team that recognizes the importance of traditions in our institution. The results of our hard and honest work rely on cooperation of many people. Therefore, traditions and celebrations are a cornerstone of a good teamwork, social bonding and Clinic’s culture.

Every year on April 27 we celebrate the most beautiful professional holiday - Medical Workers' Day. We usually spend it in the countryside, travelling in Pavilniai and Verkiai regional parks, having Nordic walking hikes or  walking tours in Vilnius.

One of our oldest traditions is Christmas celebration. It is a joy and sheer pleasure to honour the most valuable and best employees, administrators and physicians of the Clinic in a large group of colleagues. We usually spend the evening in the theater, philharmonic, concert or other event venues. It helps foster cultural traditions as well as new relationships by bringing people together to work toward a common goal.

For a few years we shared information about health care in Lithuania at Vilnius higher education institutions and invited future and current students to take care of their health at Centro Poliklinika. Now the Clinic is well known to patients of all ages. Their trust is the best recognition and promotion for our institution.

At the initiative of social workers, we used to celebrate birthdays of our Clinic’s oldest patients and centenarians by visiting them at their homes and wishing them a happy birthday. We hope that we will have an opportunity to continue this tradition in the future.

We also have many new ideas for new traditions. We organize various health campaigns, during which patients of all ages undergo simple medical procedures, share important information material, and provide useful consultations. We are trying our best to make sure that our senior citizens receive a special attention at our Clinic.