We love our patients

Our institution is one of the biggest ambulatory health care institutions in Lithuania. There are about 140 thousand patients registered, and around 1 million visits per year. Centro poliklinika is often called the clinic of reforms, innovations and progress and the leader in its field. Its history started in spring of 2002, when 6 clinics in the centre of Vilnius (Lukiškių, Naujamiesčio, Senamiesčio, Pylimo, Vytenio and Žygimantų) were joined into one, called Centro poliklinika. It was a fresh practice and there was some controversy towards it. But time has shown that brave action of clinics consolidation was a right step to take. It allowed us to use gathered human resources and implemented modern medical equipment more effectively, to optimize institutional management.

Today the clinic is proud of modern IT solutions and computer based patient registration and work system. It is also proud of a laboratory, meeting the highest European standards, Day Therapy and Surgery Department, Nursing, Palliative Medicine and Social Care clinic, other implemented innovative projects; and new ideas and plans how to expand provided services, constantly improve their quality and get the results that would make staff and patients happy.

Key benefits:

  1. We love our patients and care of them
  2. Institution is in the center of the city
  3. Working 24/7 and on public holidays
  4. Great choice of medical services
  5. Qualified professional specialists
  6. Modern medical equipment
  7. Variety of laboratory analysis, wide opportunities of diagnosing diseases
  8. Great attention to health checks
  9. Quality rehabilitation treatment
  10. Medical certificate issuing according to the need
  11. Quality support from psychiatrists and psychologists
  12. Minor surgeries performed here in the clinic
  13. Original work organization and style of service provision
  14. Reliable and fast at solving different problems